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    Craftedmoon is a family owned business founded by Sarah Watts and Scott Cormack.  We are the first stationery and gift brand to create artwork that specifically honors the Crafty Homebody.  All of the artwork is the artistic vision of Sarah Watts.  Sarah's signature ink illustrations are a mix of cute animals, modern colors, love, humor and an occasional touch of darkness.  Sarah gets her love of inspiring quotes from her grandmother, Pennie, who has a quote for every hardship in life.  
    The name Craftedmoon has a special meaning.  The moon is a beacon.  It's that giant ray of light that helps you through the dark.  Drawing has always been Sarah's "moon."  It was always the thing that she could do to pass time or to relief anxiety or depression.  Sarah feels like everyone has a "moon."  A craft or passion that helps them get through the dark.  Or that thing that excites them so much that it keeps them up at night. 
    Fun Fact: Sarah and Scott have a dream of opening their own mini golf course one day.  They hope to grow Craftedmoon in such a way that will eventually fund this dream.